Friday, January 13, 2017


Recently, my brother was at my house and we were having a conversation about the 'deep web.'  I first heard about the deep web on a Portlandia skit where Fred, Carrie, and the Mayor arrange to buy fireworks on the deep web.  My brother is a computer guy and we were talking about whether it is an actual thing (it is).  Well this conversation must have resonated with me because I had the craziest dream last night

I dreamed that I was perusing the deep web.  My brother, knowing that I was on the deep web, asked me to do him a favor. He had a pet snail and he wanted to buy some lingerie for the his snail.  The lingerie he requested was something you could buy at Kohl's - just some purple silk pajamas (like the ones below).

It wasn't that the pajamas were clandestine or anything, my brother was just embarrassed that he was buying pajamas for his pet snail.  Seriously how do snails wear clothing anyway? My brother didn't want anyone to know he ordered the snail pajamas. So being the nice sister I am, I went on the deep web and searched for some purple silk pajamas for snails.  This is where the dream got really vivid and funny.  In my dream, I was shocked at some of the pictures of snails in purple pajamas. I can't find anything to show what I saw in the dream, except snails became cartoon characters wearing pajamas - and weirdest of all snails had legs, and were tall.

Anyway, I searched what it means to have snails in your dreams.  According to this website  , it means that I am peaceful right now.  I may be peaceful because I am dreaming about snails, but what does a snail in pajamas mean?

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