Saturday, April 17, 2010

new projects

Drake went to a birthday party at a - paint your own pottery - shop.  I think the dog he painted looks just like our border collie.

One of my friend's birthday was in March.  She has wanted me to make her a market bag for a while from an original pattern created by me.  I have been making these bags as gifts for about 6 months, and now use my bag as a purse.  I have almost eliminated my need for plastic bags when I go shopping.  It holds so much stuff and I think my bag is really stylish.  The bag I made for myself uses completely different fabrics, I'll post pictures of it one day soon.

Last summer, I was walking a couple of Jack Russell Terriers when I spotted a table of free items in someones front yard.   It appeared that the person disposing of all the free items had traveled all over the world and found all kinds of neat knickknacks that didn't look so great in their living room in America.  I got two glass bottles from Spain, a puppet from Mexico, a throw pillow cover from China, and this whale from ?.  I have always liked the drawings of killer whales from the Pacific Northwest tribes.   I have begun painting this whale in that manner. 

the very beginning of a tribal whale using oil paint

 the inspiration for my whale

Thanks for reading!

stained glass owl

stained glass owl, originally uploaded by handmadejoot.

I finished my stained glass owl from this post

I hope the birds at my feeder aren't afraid of him!

Friday, April 9, 2010

New Font

I was looking on and came across one I really liked. I think I could use this one on a t-shirt or even a gardening poster.  Maybe something for a child's room....  The font is called 101 my yard.  If you have any questions about how to install the fonts on your computer, just ask me.